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Demo: Dryer Brushes

I decided to change things up this month and give you a quick summer styling hack to help fight frizz and limit blow dry time.

Dryer brushes are amazing tools year round. Most people struggle using them because they try and dry hair from soaking wet. This summer, allow hair to air dry and then smooth out waves on damp/dry hair with a dryer brush. Dryer brushes are also great to smooth frizz on dry hair on non-wash days.

Brush Settings

Low – fine to medium hair

High – medium to thick hair

Cool – all hair types, last step for frizz free results

Best Brushes

For this demo I used my Revlon One-Step Volumizing Brush. Hot Tools (a great professional line) has copied the Revlon brush and also included some new options including a small round brush for short hair and a paddle brush. To find the brush size best for you click below. Most of them are available on Amazon at a bigger discount.

A great place to look is also third party retailers link Marshalls and TJMaxx. A good price is around $40. Skip more expensive professional brands – the technology isn’t complicated and you are just paying more for a name.

Styling Steps

Prep Hair

Thermal protection is a MUST especially for color treated and lightened hair. A thermal protecting hair oil is best for frizz free results even in humidity. These oils are dry and not greasy and the larger oil molecule stops hair from trying to reach for water molecules in the atmosphere creating frizz.

Smooth Hair

Split hair into top and bottom sections above the temples. Clip the top mohawk section in to 2-3 manageable sections depending on thickness.

Using Low or High heat smooth the hair on the left side of the head forward across the face. Repeat on hair on the right side of the head again pulling hair forward across the face. This slightly bends the ends and gives more volume than pulling straight down.

Pull each top section straight up and forward to the face – this creates that salon blowout look at home

Use tension and go slow– pulling gently on the hair and going slowly reduces frizz and smooths waves.

Set Hair

Once hair is smooth use the COOL setting to go over everything this will ‘set’ the hair

Spray with a Dry Finish Hairspray or Texture Spray. Dry sprays give body and texture without being sticky. I like Loreal Professional Tecni Art Next Day Hair Dry Finishing Spray.

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