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Find your perfect hair color

If you have been in for a color consultation you may have heard me talk about cool and warm skin tones. Picking a hair color that compliments your skin tone can make all the difference in whether your feel drab or fab.

How do I know which skin tone I have?

White shirt test - Grab a crisp white shirt and see if your skin looks pink next to it or golden next to it.

If you look best in pure white, black, or navy you are cool toned.

If you look best in off white, brown or grey you are warm toned.

If it is hard to determine pink from yellow against the white shirt or you don’t have a major feel either way between white and off white – you lucky gal are neutral.

Warm skin tones

Undertones of gold, yellow and peach

Greenish veins and gold flecks in your eyes.

Tan easily in the sun

Look best in gold jewelry

Colors that compliment warm tones

Blondes – golden, honey, butterscotch, strawberry

Orange based reds and coppers

Chocolate, chestnut

Cool skin tones

Undertones of pink, red or blue

Blue veins and blues and greens in your eyes

Burn easily in the sun

Look best in silver jewelry

Colors that compliment cool tones

Blondes – ash, beige, champagne and sand

True reds, dark auburn

Burgundy, mocha

Neutral skin tones

Burn then tan

Wear both gold and silver jewelry

Colors that compliment neutral tones

Neutral gals can wear almost any color picking color depends on how pale you are

Fair skin - stick to bolder colors that give color to your pale skin

Medium to dark skin – lighter shades will compliment your darker pigment

Need color inspiration?

Find a twin!

Look at models and celebs with similar skin tone and eye color to you – not hair color. See which colors compliment them.

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