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Frizz For All

Got frizz?

Anything above 75% humidity is definitely bad hair day range. In honor of our Florida summers I’m here to give you some tips to beat the heat.

It’s Science Babe

Frizz occurs when there is more moisture (specifically hydrogen molecules) in the air than in your hair. When hydrogen bonds slip between the protein and water molecules in the hair strand it causes pouf. Thirsty hair stands reach out into the atmosphere after hydrogen molecules looking for a drink.

Straight, wavy and curly hair all can frizz but dry and chemically treated hair is extra thirsty. Knowing which type of hair you have is the secret to knowing what frizz fighter to use.

Elasticity test

Take a strand of hair and pull it gently. Healthy hair stretches then bounces back to its original state.

· If your hair breaks when pulled you have dry, brittle hair. You will want to add moisture to thirsty hair to fight frizz.

· If your hair stretches but doesn’t bounce back your hair is porous. Porous hair, often damaged from chemical treatments, needs a combination of protein and moisture. Your hair will often feel soft or squishy when wet.

Start In The Shower

Shampoo & Conditioner

~ Dry hair needs extra moisture. Choose a shampoo and conditioner with added natural oils. Weekly deep conditioning treatments and in-salon moisture services can all give much needed love to thirsty strands making them less likely to stray.

~ Elastic, or ‘porous’, hair needs a shampoo and conditioner with added proteins. The proteins will build up and coat the hair strand with keratin creating an extra barrier against humidity.

With conditioner applied, gently comb and detangle your hair in the shower. Then rinse.

The Cotton T-Shirt Turban

Swap your terry cloth towel for a cotton T-shirt. Squeeze excess moisture out – don’t rub! Pick a frizz fighter below and re-wrap your hair with the cotton T-shirt turban and allow to dry as much as possible. Avoid brushing or touching your hair since it can disrupt curl patterns.

Frizz Fighters

· Oil Serum – Natural oil based serums provide a physical barrier from moisture in the air.

· Hydrating Mousse - Mousse is like Botox for your hair. It gives it major bounce and the hold smooths out frizz. A moisturizing mousse is the best of both worlds. The moisture helps fight frizz and the hold helps your style last.

· Dry Oil Spray – A dry oil mist is a must for a flawless finish. Apply a light layer of shine spray or smoothing serum to dry hair. A dry oil mist will hold better than hairspray in humidity.

· Natural Bristle Brush – If you have to blow dry, switch your metal or plastic bristle brush for one with natural boars hair bristles. Natural bristles have keratin and help smooth and polish the cuticle by distributing moisture from root to tip. Make sure hair is completely dry.

Hands-off dry hair

Moisture in your hands can cause poof. Avoid combing or brushing dry hair, it can ruffle the cuticle. If you have to, sprits a natural bristle paddle brush with a dry oil spray and lightly slide it along the hair surface.

A Good Cut

Flyaways are caused by breakage and split ends. A good cut keeps edges clean. Hair should be cut at a minimum every 10-12 weeks to remove damaged ends.

Keep Control

If you need your hair to last all day in to the night - take control. Apply a hydrating mousse or oil based serum and wrap your hair into a rope ponytail or low bun.

Low Bun

Rope Braid

Easy French Roll

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