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Get a haircut you actually like

Consultation is key to any great cut and here is what to consider before getting your next chop.

Know Your Face Shape

Oval, Round, Square, Heart.

Probably the most important factor in determining if a cut will flatter you is your face shape. To determine which cuts look best on your face shape just Google or search Pinterest for ‘best haircuts for a round face’ and check out the results. Also key in to celebrities with a similar face shape to yours and see what cuts flatter them.

Hair Texture

Your hair texture will determine if your inspiration cut is possible. If your fine haired and loving a tousled layered cut it is probably not the best choice. A quick Google or Pinterest search helps again with texture. Try searching ‘best haircuts for thick, long hair’ and check out the results. You will start to see patterns in the cuts that work best for your hair texture.


Every good consultation should discuss your lifestyle which includes time commitment, styling ability, and how your wear your hair.

Things to consider are whether you prefer to blow dry or air dry, wash in the evening or in the morning, feel comfortable styling with a roundbrush, flat iron, or curling iron, and whether you like your hair back out of your face.

Styling products are the key to maintaining a look at home. I have not seen one inspiration photo that was created without a layering of products. The right products will make your hair better and your life easier. Did you know almost every hair styling product has to be activated with heat? Air dry? There are special products made just for air drying.

Realistic Expectations

Accept No for an answer.

A professional hairstylist is there to tell you when you are making a bad decision. I want you to look your best every day, not just on salon day. You are my walking business card. My job is to connect the dots between the cut you like, the hair you have, and your lifestyle.

Don’t Speak Hairdresser

Use basic words to explain what you love or what you dislike about your current hairstyle. Don’t try and be fancy, say how it feels to you – heavy, flat, frizzy, lifeless. Basic words communicate your issues clearly. The best cuts solve your everyday problems.

Don’t Prep

Arrive to your appointment with hair in its natural condition. Seeing your hair’s natural texture and the way it falls – cowlicks and all – gives your stylist an idea of what it looks like already. The best cuts will accentuate your hair’s natural fall and texture. Seeing hair in its natural condition also gives your stylist an idea of the styling effort needed for the look you like.

Dry vs Wet Cut

The best cuts mix both dry and wet cutting.

Dry cutting is best to remove bulk from thick hair and remove length from curly hair. Dry cutting is a great finishing touch to add texture to a finished style.

For a precision cut hair should be cut wet. Removing length, creating layers, and short/pixie cuts all require precision sectioning best done on wet hair.

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