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Is the Dyson dryer worth it?

Little Dryer Big Hype

A lot of guests ask if I think the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is worth the $399 price tag.  

This month I want to break down what makes the Dyson different and whether or not it is a good investment for you.

Dyson claims to dry hair faster (average 6x faster) than other dryers, protect hair from extreme heat damage while increasing smoothness by 75%, shine by up to 132% and decrease frizz and flyaways by up to 61%.

It comes with 3 magnetic attachments: smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, and diffuser.

Aside from a quicker drying time, what makes the Dyson better for your hair?

Intelligent heat control technology which measures the temperature 20 times per second to give you the level of heat you need to style hair, without allowing it to reach those extreme temps that "fry" hair in the process.

Professionally I think the Dyson rocks

1. Dries hair super quick

2. Weight is in the handle making it easier to hold (but not light)

3. Attachments are magnetic and super easy to change

4. Vent is in the handle so long hair wont get sucked in to the back like traditional dryers

5. Doesn't make hair super hot so it cools quicker to lock in a style

6. I live in Florida – using a blow dryer in the summer is a nightmare so quick dry times and lower temperatures are amazing.

Should you invest in a Dyson?

The Dyson is a good investment if you regularly heat style thick, long, frizzy, or damaged hair. It dries quick without making the hair super hot, it's also small and easy to hold.

What is lacking from most online reviews is a note about the cord. You will want a safe home for your dryer. The thick cord makes it impossible to wrap around the dryer itself and takes up a lot of room. At $399 letting it fall on the bathroom floor or damaging the cord by squeezing it into a drawer is not an option so consider if you have a safe space such as a large drawer or dedicated hook. There is a small hook on the unit to hang.

Curly hair?

The technology is great for curls with variable heat settings and frizz reduction but the diffuser attachment is shallow. It works great for short curly hair but is far too shallow for long curls.

What do I use at home?

I love my Dyson hairdryer and can’t imagine working in the salon without it but I don’t use it at home. Why?

The Dyson is almost too powerful for my long, fine hair. When I blow dry my hair upside down for volume it tends to create tangles with the powerful air flow. Since I don't spend a lot of time blow drying the $399 price tag is just too steep. I also only have a small storage space in my bathroom and the cord takes up too much room.

Best Inexpensive Blow Dryer

I use the BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer at home. Older models offered on Amazon as low as $60 this blow dryer has variable heat and air flow options, can take a beating, has a powerful pro 2000 watt motor and dries hair really quickly. However, it is really difficult to change attachments and is moderately heavy. Some models are sold with the concentrator nozzle and diffuser and others without and the newer version comes in red. I used it in the salon before getting the Dyson and found it dries all hair types quickly and is super powerful. For the price I think it worked a lot better than even $200 hair dryers.

Considering a Dyson? Come by and use mine! I'm happy to let you try it and show you some tips and tricks.

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