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Is 'The Rachel' haircut back?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Fashion trends are swinging back – way back – to the 90’s and ‘The Rachel’ haircut made popular by Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel on Friends is being revamped.

Why the popularity?

Trends swing to opposites. It’s been all texture and beachy waves the last few summers and now style is swinging back to polished face framing layers. Admittedly, Aniston has said The Rachel was her least favorite of all her hairstyles. Why? Because it takes a ton of time to style.

The 2020 redo or ‘The Rachel 2.0’ is polishing up the grown out lobs of last year. By adding to the popular curtain bang trend, face framing layers are starting at the cheekbone and extend the length of the hair. Unlike the 90’s version, the 2020 Rachel is softer and less choppy.

Rosie Huntington - Whiteley

Side swept bang, face framing and all over round layers, flip out

Rachel McAdams

Same side bang, subtle face framing, round allover layers, flip out

Goldie Hawn

Last season's popular curtain bang with face framing fringe

Think this will air dry?

Think again. Get your round brush ready because even the 2.0 Rachel requires a blow dry. Selena Gomez recently debuted a 60’s posh version including curtain bangs and face framing on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Instagram influencer and Justin Beiber’s new wife Haley Baldwin swapped her beach waves for 90’s face framing without the bang. Even her less posh version requires a blow out, styling product, and a round brush with Velcro or hot rollers.

You can not create this style without a product plan. A good thermal protectant, blow dry crème, and hydrating mousse are layered on wet hair to create volume, smoothness, and hold. Biolage’s Blowdry Glotion provides thermal protection, light hold, smoothness, and shine. Biolage’s Hydra Mousse hydrates the hair to reduce frizz, gives bounce and holds all day.

Is it for you?

If you have medium to thick hair that is straight to slightly wavy this is a great style for you. If you regularly blow dry and feel comfortable using a round brush the subtle face framing gives visual interest. A few large Velcro rollers will make styling the back easier. Thinning, fine, curly and frizzy hair should skip this style altogether. If you regularly air dry and go to bed with wet hair this style will just look like a mess.

Not sure?

Come by for a complimentary consultation and I’d be happy to determine if this style is right for your hair type. With a few easy styling hacks the 2.0 Rachel can be bouncy, fun, and youthful. It’s my job to give you confidence styling your hair not just on salon day, but every day.



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