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Summer Survival Guide

Frizz is beginning to be a real problem as temperatures rise. Here’s a quick run down of what you can do to tame your main all summer long.

Step 1: Shampoo Twice

Bouncy beautiful hair on salon day comes from a double shampoo. In the salon we always shampoo twice.

· The first shampoo only breaks down product, sweat and oil buildup on the hair and scalp.

· The second shampoo actually cleans the hair and scalp opening clogged pores and removing excess oil.

Take a few extra minutes to double shampoo in the shower and you can skip an extra day between washings. Hair grows healthier and has more body.

Step 2: Condition with a Punch

Frizzy hair is thirsty hair. The sun, pool water and salts in the ocean can all make hair dry and brittle. Color treated gals may see their brunette hair get brassy and my blondes can see green from chlorine or a yellow tint. Grey and silver foxes often yellow from the sun and hard water.

Swap your everyday conditioner for a color toning conditioning mask. Not only will the mask deeply hydrate and make hair shiny but it also neutralizes unwanted pigment extended your color between salon visits. Here are a few of my favorites available at The Pretty Swan this month.


Matrix So Silver Triple Power Hair Mask

o Brighten and banish unwanted yellow tones, add beautiful silver tones to platinum hair, or turn your gray into a stunning silver

o Spectacular conditioning will leave hair feeling silky smooth


Verb Purple Mask + Ghost Oil kit

· Bye bye brass. brightens, hydrates and softens while toning yellow hues. with our best-selling Ghost Oil™ to fight frizz and deliver unmatched shine.

· Hydrates, smoothes, and adds body to dry hair

· Provides natural UV protectant against color fading

· Purple pigments remove unwanted yellowing for a cool result


Pravana Perfect Brunette Conditioner

o Toning conditioner to protect, enrich and get your brunette hair back to its deep, luscious state

o neutralizes unwanted orange and red tones with a unique teal toning complex.

o Coconut oil complex strengthens and gives a glass-like shine

Step 3: Swap lotions for oils

In the summer swap your leave in creams and styling lotions for a frizz fighting hair oil. Oil adds moisture deep into the hair strand keeps thirsty hair from looking for water molecules in the atmosphere (humidity).

Applied wet, a hair oil provides UV and thermal protection, moisturizes thirsty hair fighting frizz.

Applied on dry hair it controls fly aways better than hairspray and gives mega shine. A good hair oil can be the only product most hair needs in the summer.

PRAVANA Hydra Pearl Oil

- adds shine, moisturizes and improves hair's overall manageability

- fights humidity and provides thermal protection up to 450 degrees F

Step 4: Air dry – Embrace your texture

Let’s face it summer is hot, humid and even the best blowout doesn’t stand a chance. Give your ends a break from heat styling and follow these tips to achieve the perfect air-dried look this summer

- Rinse your conditioner with cold water to seal the cuticle.

- Gently detangle wet hair with a hair oil.

- Add a setting cream to add texture

- Set hair & let dry

To create waves:

Fine to Medium hair

Use a light hydrating mousse like the Aluram volume mousse with Biotin

  • Medium/Short hair: Make loose twists and secure with pins all over the head, for root volume blow dry the roots upside down before twisting

  • Long hair: big, loose braid – twist the braid into a bun below the crown if you want more body

Thick hair

Use an air-dry setting lotion to accentuate curls like the Aluram smoothing cream

  • With hair mostly dry, create two loose braids and clip up into twists let air dry overnight

To create soft & defined curls

Use an air dry curl defining cream

  • scrunch or finger twist one inch sections

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