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Your Hair Is Aging You

Aging Gracefully

Updating your hair is an often overlooked secret to aging gracefully.  As we all make changes leading to the New Year consider how your hair is making you look older.  

While some wear the same style forever, you may find that the features of your face you wanted to show off years ago may now be features you would like to minimize as you age.  

Consider your face shape and what features you like to show off (or minimize). The following women are nailing it.  

Shoulder Length Bob

A shoulder length bob is flattering on all face shapes and popular both young and old. 

It can be cut asymmetrical, worn wavy, straight, even permed! The key is is to cut it an inch or two shorter in the back so the hair pushes forward. 

Larger faces should keep the length near the shoulder and smaller faces closer to the chin - avoid short layers.  

If you have a natural wave this style is perfect for you. Add some curl cream mousse and let it air dry for effortless texture. Finer haired ladies can create easy volume with velcro or hot rollers or styled sleek like Olivia Newton Johns.

This cut looks even sassier cut asymmetrical with longer bangs on one side and shorter on the other tucked behind the ear. The color combinations are endless.

Volume Pixie

Volume is key to pulling off a pixie and elongating the face. Perfect for any hair type it can be worn long or short in the front. A pixie on wavy, thick, or grey hair is perfect for an active lifestyle. A pixie on fine hair will take more styling in the morning. 

It’s important to consider your face shape. Volume should be placed in the narrowest areas. Sharon Stone's pixie places volume all over flattering a strong jaw, Kris Jenner's pixie adds volume to the top elongating the face, Helen Mirron's pixie has chin length bangs to add volume around her cheekbones flattering her narrow face.  

Pixies are also perfect for statement color - deep plums, red, coppers and shiny browns give funk to the cut.  If thinning hair is a problem, multi-dimensional highlighting can will create the illusion of thicker hair.  Lightened pieces around the face and warmer tones toward the crown give skin a youthful glow. 

Long Hair and Waves

Long layered waves is best for square, round, and heart shaped faces.  The thicker the better, avoid fine hair because it hangs close to the face and won't provide the volume thinning skin lacks.  

Long layers and face framing give roundness to a square chin and minimize sagging jowls. Layers should be cut below the chin. 

Naturally curly haired ladies benefit from long layers to remove bulk.  


Rita Wilson is a perfect mix of ombre and balayage.  

Ombre color with darker roots and lighter ends draws the eye down to the light pieces making the face look slimmer – perfect for round faces. 

Balayage is a low-maintenance alternative to traditional highlighting. Hand painted lighter pieces placed around the face give a youthful sun-kissed appearance. 

Ombre and balayage may minimize damage from traditional highlighting since only a few pieces are lightened and allowed to grow out naturally. This is perfect for fine haired ladies and those with thinning hair.  

Touchups 2-3 times per year make balayage perfect for those on the go. 

Embracing Color

No muss no fuss active lifestyles can benefit from beautiful all over color.

Copper, rich brown, and burgundy all add interest to simple hair styles. Keep the darkness similar to your natural hair color but change up the tone to minimize frequent touchups.  

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