Facial Massage


Skin treatment that cleanses pores, exfoliates away dead skin cells and treats common skin concerns with a custom mask

  • Quick Facial  $40 (15 mins)

Perfect for those on the go!  Includes double cleansing, exfoliation, mask, and massage with moisturizing cream

  • Classic Facial    $90  (30 mins)

Cleansing, exfoliating, extraction, mask, massage with moisturizing cream


  • Acne Facial Treatment   $105  (40 mins) 

Cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, extraction, high frequency, mask for acne, salicylic serum, moisturizing cream


  • Vitamin C Hydration Facial $115(60 mins) 

Vitamin C, glycolic acid, active enzymes and peptides to promote cellular turnover to brighten, lighten, and tighten your skin


  • Chemical Peel Treatment $90-$150 (60 mins) 

Recommended for acne, wrinkles and to clear blemishes.  Cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, extraction, mask, serum, and moisturizing cream


  • Anti-Aging Facial    $115    (60 mins) 

Rejuvenate your skin with exfoliation (removing dead, skin dulling cells), moisturizing cream, massage to improve skins texture


  • Tactcha Skincare Facial    $120  (60 mins) 

Purify with cleansing oil, deep polish, soften, plump and hydrate skin with hand massage, anti-aging eye cream.  Recommended for normal to oily skin.

  • Crystal Facial   $120  (60 mins)

Cleansing, exfoliating, treatment mask, 20 min relaxing massage with crystal


  • Signature Facial     $175    (90 mins) 

Double cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, hot towel, extraction, hydrojelly mask, fresh aloe vera gel massage for 20 mins in face and neck area, serum, moisturizing cream


  • Back Facial    $90 +    (40 mins) 

Double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, hot towel, therapeutic mask, 15 mins relaxing massage on neck, back, shoulder and hands


  • Ice Globe Facial Massage $10 5min

  • High Frequency Treatment $25 10min 

Kills bacteria that causes acne 

  • LED Light Therapy $25 10min 

Light identifies and treats underlying skin problems – acne, aging & cell turnover, sun damage, inflammation & redness, combination skin balancing

  • Microdermabrasion $25 10min 

Exfoliates & brightens skin, good for wrinkles, acne scars

Wax Appointment

Hair Removal


Threading is an age old technique originated in ancient India and Middle Eastern culture.  It is a precise method of removing unwanted hairs including the finer hairs that are often missed in waxing or plucking. Threading is good for all types of skin especially the sensitive skin types. 


  • Eyebrow   $19 (20 mins)

  • Upper Lip  $10  (5 mins)

  • Chin         $10   (5 mins)

  • Full face    $50   (30 + mins)



Sugaring is a organic way of removing hairs that originated in the Middle East.  The ingredients are lemon, sugar and water. In sugaring the paste does not stick to the skin unlike waxing, it adheres to hair and dead cells therefore exfoliating the skin lightly and removing the hair from the follicles, resulting in a shiny and smooth skin.  

  • Full Leg      $80 +    

  • Half Leg     $50+

  • Full Arm     $60+

  • Half Arm    $25+

  • Under Arm $30

  • Full Face    $55

  • Brazilian    $50+


Manicured Hands

Manicure & Pedicure

  • Basic Manicure $19   (30 mins)  

Trimming, shaping, buffing, exfoliation, cuticle oil treatment and moisturizing cream, regular polish


  • Basic Pedicure  $29  (40 mins)  

Soaking, trimming, shaping, buffing, exfoliating, cuticle oil treatment and moisturizing cream, regular polish


  • Spa Manicure  $35  (40 mins)  

Antiseptic spray, warm water with spa ball soak, trimming, shaping, buffing, exfoliating, warm towel, mask or paraffin wax, moisturizing cream with 10 mins massage, regular polish


  • Spa Pedicure  $65  (60-80 mins) 

Antiseptic spray, soaking in jelly spa, trimming, shaping, buffing, pushing back the cuticles, exfoliating, hot towel, mask or paraffin wax, collagen, and keratin therapy with 20 mins massage, regular polish

Microblading Session

Lash & Brow

  • Eye Brown Tinting  $20  (30 mins)

Lasting 3-4 weeks - tints eyebrow hair only for even tone – good for fine haired brows

  • Henna Brow Tinting  $35  (1 hour)

Lasting 6- 8 weeks - waterproof and smudge-proof, tints eyebrow hair and skin for fuller, thicker looking brows

  • Eyebrow Lamination  $50  (30 mins)

Lasting 6-8 weeks - lifts brow hair for a fuller, thicker looking eyebrow

  • Eyebrow Lamination & Tint. $75   (40 mins)

Eyebrow hair is lifted and toned for fuller, thicker looking eyebrow

  • Lash Lift  $45  (30 mins +)

Curls lashes from base to tip to see the full length and a natural looking open eye effect without lash extensions

  • Lash Lift and Tinting  $75  (35 mins +)

Lift and darken lashes – a smudge-proof alternative to mascara